Limitations to the Freedom…

Freedom of Speech refers to the allowance the society or an individual has to express his/her thought,opinion,vision,idea etc  without going through censorship. Social media is creating nowadays dynamic impact on the societies due to its widespread reach and this is why one could witnessed various reactions to the specific posts and news…

Words Matter!

What exactly is “freedom of speech”? It is the right, power and authority to express one’s opinion without restraint. People often misuse freedom of speech specifically on social media where expressing one’s opinion is just a click away. One needs to understand that NO ONE has the right to insult someone or spread negatively about … More Words Matter!

Dark side

When one expresses his/her view one should be very careful about the boundaries that govern one’s school of thought. Freedom of speech gives you the power of liberation i.e. to say/express things the way you want to. However, one must be very careful as to not promote hateful speech. People are largely interdependent, and no … More Dark side

Freedom of Speech is Falsely Interpreted Concept

The 21st century has brought a lot of furtherance in every aspect of life. This also includes our topic of concern, which is the freedom of speech and expressing our personal ideas. The main instrument used for this intention is the “internet”.What is free speech? I think the Universal Declaration gets to the heart of … More Freedom of Speech is Falsely Interpreted Concept


To many of us, Social Media is a venue where one can share their views, no matter how favorable or abrasive, the only reaction is the disagreement from one’s friends or followers. At this perfect place to express your opinions, most of us ignore the fact that we are being read by the people with … More “VOICELESS”