Dark side

When one expresses his/her view one should be very careful about the boundaries that govern one’s school of thought. Freedom of speech gives you the power of liberation i.e. to say/express things the way you want to. However, one must be very careful as to not promote hateful speech. People are largely interdependent, and no … More Dark side

Blog about self

I just got up, no, I’m late as usual. Here’s to hoping that my instructor actually lets me in. I think I have a sleeping disease, I just can’t seem to say no to sleep. The sleep part is constant and always must, the part that comes after that is enough to make stones melt … More Blog about self

More life

23. Mind to big for small minds. Sometimes games so sick I wouldn’t call it right. Like you all I’ve made a few mistakes in the old times, but when I wake up feeling like a gold mine. Not trying to make a world better working 9 to 5. Been across the world I’d probably … More More life

Who Am I ?

Hello reader , This is Umer Akhlaq A 22 year old Male currently living in Lahore.i am an undergraduate student at the Lahore school of economics with Majors in marketing and minors in media studies.i belong to Faisalabad the textile hub for Pakistan yes i am pretty much interested in this sector as well after … More Who Am I ?

Coming back!

Riyadh…was not that friendly as I expected. The day we landed there I always wanted to go back to Paksitan. Everyday and every minute at the school I prayed for going back. There never came a day that made me feel happy there in Riyadh. I badly used to miss my school, friends in Pakistan. … More Coming back!