More life

23. Mind to big for small minds. Sometimes games so sick I wouldn’t call it right. Like you all I’ve made a few mistakes in the old times, but when I wake up feeling like a gold mine. Not trying to make a world better working 9 to 5. Been across the world I’d probably … More More life

Your way.

They say actions speak louder then words. Words define your actions? So indirectly if every action has a reaction then the reaction is triggered by words. You think you’ve seen things from your own shoes why don’t you try and step the game up like what’s number two. What you think is way different then … More Your way.

Food is good

It keeps you alive and awsomely healthy. If you don’t eat it you die. Water is something that goes with food. It is also very good and keeps the human body hydratedly great. See food. Eat food. Be food (Earthbiodegradesyourbodywhenyoudie) My name is waleed. I am a big fan of food. It helps my brain … More Food is good