Words they DO matter!

Words , whether positive or negaitive but there should be some limits to it. However, one should be very careful in saying or uttering words about people.
Offensive words can have a deep effect on on the person about whom they are said.May be they will not show it but yes it has an impact on them. Some people have the power to hide their expressions and keep themselves away from negativity. Beside this power one cannot get away with words that are said about him/her.
Let me explain it in simpler words; if you don’t like something or someone don’t watch it or experience it again and again rather create a barrier between yourself and them. Though it rarely happens, which is a positive way of avoiding something that you consider bad. Taking Qandeel Baloch’s case, people used to write shameful comments on her posts instead of reporting or avoid watching her videos. This thing led her brother to kill her because people were giving hype to the videos and pictures she shared on Facebook.

IMG_5079However, after she was killed there were those same people saying that his brother shouldn’t have killed her. Sadly. Then why did they go and wrote those shameful comments on her videos and pictures?


We think by doing this we will be able to stop someone. No. We can’t and it’s not the right way. Actually we are hurting that person so much that to retaliate our comments amd hatred he/she does the same repeatedly.

So it is us who are responsible for everything that is being happening around us. We don’t have to use bad or embarrassing words and comments to stop someone instead we should boycott or avoid ourselves from giving that thing so much importance and attention.



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