When the pen is mightier than the sword. 

With the advent of social media and the increased connectivity granted by the advances in Internet, the contemporary landscape is exemplary in the form that the current globalized environment has never been witnessed before in the history of mankind. Today’s world stands at the epoch of the great advancements that technology shall provide. The sheer amount of useful inventions in the past century, have far exceeded the rate of creation for any innovations prior to the 19th Century, which could be associated due to the centralized and structured approaches that certain schools of thought and subjects have brought forth.

These technological advancements are a double-edged sword, and must be understood as such by the people who use them. With the establishment of nation states and the laws we have to govern them, and then the increased localisation of urban societies transformed tribal villages into trading centers. And then enters internet, with the providence of it’s anonymity and access into another’s life a harmful loop is created. This is a dangerous combination and it has evidence in the multiple accounts of cases people have filed apropos to them, as with the misuse of freedom of speech, many people may be subject to bullying, and many have already suffered the effects of cyber-bullying, or in another derivative situation the widespread misinformation can cause people, who may hypothetically be considered as the lowest common denominator in society, to commit crimes that would have been unexpected in an earlier decade, in the lead up to the illegal action. This can be further enunciated with a recent travesty in the formative structure of the factors that caused the blasphemy killing in Mardan, Pakistan as well. Therefore, when the sword is not with the people and the pen is the only tool, it’s user must make prudent use of it.

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