More life

Screenshot_20170419-011150.png23. Mind to big for small minds. Sometimes games so sick I wouldn’t call it right. Like you all I’ve made a few mistakes in the old times, but when I wake up feeling like a gold mine. Not trying to make a world better working 9 to 5. Been across the world I’d probably call mine with a few people who love it when they see me shine. Blessed since birth but close to messing it up. Trying to get my self together putting down the gun and last night I gave my heart to a fake one. No regrets though I got a lot of real ones.

No long talks let’s get back to my question. Now you’re staring at my face like I got the answers, I know I’m used to winning but does it matter. You can have the balls I’m good being a batter and it’s not about the love it’s about the hate that is scattered. Just one of the people trying to make the world better , the smiles on the faces is all that I care for working hard looking at my self that’s what I’m here for. No need for you to come and make confessions, no strings on me that could stop me from success and well if you want to win you got to loose first taste the pain and the fall you’ve got to eat dirt. Only then you rise up and you know that it’s worked.


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