Is Freedom of Speech used wisely? 

There are pros and cons of everything. Nothing can be perfectly right or perfectly wrong. It is essential to keep the concept of ‘Freedom of Speech’ in mind, however, there should be certain limitations to it. It does not only have positive aspects but also negative aspects.

The truth is unregulated speech can cause serious harm. The words and the things people say can cause serious harm whether it’s intentional or unintentional. Effects of this form can cause depression, suicide, stunted social development, and a need for retaliation. The truth is, when freedom of speech hurts others, its not just an opinion anymore; its a form of hate speech. Individuals who are harmed through hate speech can react in violent ways either towards themselves or others. Victims of these crimes can become depressed and harm themselves.

Nowadays, people can comment on any issue freely and the internet is regarded as the most important thing in their daily life because they can post any words they want to say on the internet conveniently and even insult others by tying offensive words. The convenience of internet can harm people and can greatly inflict many people. Cyber bullying that is. People can readily comment on any event or individual which may be illegal.

In spite of freedom of speech, we still have to strike a balance between law and freedom. We not only need to be concerned about other’s feelings but also need to treasure this freedom and need to use it well.


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