In positivity! lies life

You never find the correct words to define yourself but yeah giving a try is always a better option. So let’s start with what i like and the list is a bit long, i like food yes life without food would have been tasteless so coming back to the point i like to try new places for food as well, i am crazy about cars like most of the youngsters but i also have a lot of knowledge about cars as well. i like to travel, and the list goes on and on and seriously i can’t remember everything at this movement! 

i started when people didn’t even gave a thought a on anything even near to that..

Now being from Sialkot an exporting city with highest level of taxpayers according to area and belonging to a business family i have that business thing in my blood and that motivated me to do something at an early age. For that it is my father who encouraged me in every aspect of live and always told me that whatever happens never think you cant do it, a time will come and you will succeed. and that is what exactly happened i lost alot in the start but now i stand here and look how far i have come. Yes from that day i have a rule that whatever happens is for better. that’s all about me.But if you are wondering about my name its Faizan ahmed aged 22!


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