Freedom to criticism ?

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Social Media ?

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The biggest platform in today’s life everyone addicted to whether it be an adult,teen or adults and children as well.A way to express your thoughts and emotions into words within a matter of seconds and just a few clicks away from everyone.They offer us platform  to be our self, to be creative, to be who you want to be and most importantly, have an audience for all of this.

The rules here are are different unlike the rules we follow in our real world.where social etiquette and manners can sometimes seem restrictive and limiting , people feel they have a greater sense of freedom of expression and/or of speech when using online networks. Of course, content is monitored and can be removed, but with millions of users on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, even YouTube, not every single status, photo or comment can be watched, evaluated and completely controlled. This has arguably lead to a rise in expressions, feelings and ideas from people who may otherwise find it hard to portray themselves how they would like in person and face-to-face with others.

Lets get to the bad side of this all now !

  • People with strong and negative views about something may express hatred and spread violence with their views.
  • Anything may get viral within seconds all over the world and everyone will start judging each other. For E.g recently Snap chat CEO stated as India is a poor country and his app is not for countries like India news spread like fire and suddenly millions of people reviewed the app as poor and showed hatred towards the app by deleting it.
  • Everyone has different view and religions social media is widely used to develop sectarianism and social media wars between different groups.
  • Not everything you see or read is true most of the data on the social media is fake without any authenticity or proper sources.

Countries like China have blocked their public to access website such as Facebook.

Social media can not only make a person but also break them.

Many websites and apps do have “report” features so that a user can alert the web regulators that something has gone wrong. This brings the question, if someone says something wrong through these platforms, and it is reported but no actions is taken, who is responsible for the outcome.

Anyone can express his views about anything whatever whenever.they can judge people they can spread fake rumors they can lie.Freedom of speech does not mean using it in a wrong way and hurting them intentionally.People take things said about them often very seriously.People may go into depression after seeing these kind of ignites nothing but hatred.we should be careful choosing our words and should only say anything if we are sure about its authenticity.

Social media is one of the best inventions of the last century. It allows us to stay in contact with people we would have left behind, and it allows us to preserve our memories in a time capsule. However, it can also make or break a person depending on how someone reacts. Truthfully, the problem isn’t a freedom of speech issue, but rather one of morality. Can we take morals and apply them to the virtual world?




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