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I just got up, no, I’m late as usual. Here’s to hoping that my instructor actually lets me in. I think I have a sleeping disease, I just can’t seem to say no to sleep. The sleep part is constant and always must, the part that comes after that is enough to make stones melt and people cry. Im talking about part of my day(life for 4 years) when I have to part with my bed and get up, put my best fake smile on and just hope LSE goes a little easy on me today.Imagine hell, or you know what, maybe visit LSE once, equivalent to hell. Hot enough to melt stones in summers and cold enough to freeze fire in winters, no in between these two. I sometimes like to refer it as “Bi-polar Weather”, you can never tell how hot and miserable you’ll feel in summers or how warm and classy will you look in winters.

Just like every rose has its thorn, this thorn that is LSE has a small rose with it. The only people who make LSE bearable are my friends. So, I guess I can say that because of them I look forward to LSE. Introvert things are funny, how’d I know. Here’s to hoping that these four years pass, so I can just move on with life and I don’t know, maybe relax in some warm and nice place. I think I’m not being honest to you, LSE isn’t that bad, I probably fantasise LSE into a monster. You know like if LSE ever had a physical form it would be a big ugly and smelly face with scars, scary eyes and talons with blood on them. I’ve had good fun here in the 3 years I’ve been here, I’ve made memories and pushed some away, I made friends and lost some too. It hasn’t been boring, it’s been very challenging to keep up with LSE and jump all the hurdles without falling down facedown, I’m not the same person who sat across Shumaila Chaudhary for the admission interview three years ago and frankly I owe it to no one but LSE. Thank you LSE, you helped me evolve and shed my old skin.

The one thing that I love in particular, something that will turn my day around for sure is going to the gym. At the gym, I feel like home, and I work hard for an even better version of me (one that is physically good looking). Weights and adrenaline are the two things that will reverse my bad day to good day and I exert my stress.

I told you I’ve a class and I’m late, see now I’m even more late, I’ll just have to teleport to class now. 


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