Zubaan hai kay kainchi?!

Is it your authority to speech or is it freedom of speech? If its your authority to speech then one can say, who has given this authority to you? And just like that it can lead to hundreds of questions for little or no answers. Where as talking about freedom of speech, it is justified but does it justify to the prior consequences that it creates. In earlier times a person would more or less voice his/her opinion to the world either through newspapers or magazines but now. Thankfully to Facebook and other social media sites one can easily reach out to the world by just one click.
But that one click has several meanings behind it. For some it may be appealing and would be appreciated but for some it’s just the other way around. People get carried away on many sensitive topics, they tend to say things just for the sake of being portrayed as a fun person or someone who’s quite updated with the current scenario. Just recently this meme culture has outraged on social media, to such an extent that no one can help not looking at them (including me). What is it? It’s this funny picture or saying or quote which is directly or indirectly related to someone.

This girl from Aspire college was mocked around on social media to such an extent that she quit school, why? Because people like us shattered her confidence on social media by making fun of that one english grammatical mistake that she made while giving an interview. This tongue that we have, can actually be our greatest weapon but also a poison for one’s ownself. We do tend to say things conscious or unconsciously and those things get portrayed to the outside world in several different ways.

So who is to be blamed for all this which is happening around us? No one but ourselves. One should always make the right choices and the right moments to portray those choices. Think before you speak, there’s already too much hate in the world, be a better person and change it. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean hate speech. Be the change. 


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