Your way.

They say actions speak louder then words. Words define your actions? So indirectly if every action has a reaction then the reaction is triggered by words.

You think you’ve seen things from your own shoes why don’t you try and step the game up like what’s number two. What you think is way different then what you do and when the time comes you’ll be counting ducks at the zoo. You focus on how they look at you, what they must be thinking? Trying to compensate, telling Your mind your on a mission. Well all these speakers they say, judge and Bragg. Damn. But if you meet her tell khalisi that we got our own dragons. Only bigger with some Canon’s. Looking at freedom of speech like the sand man, you know if we work together we won’t ever have to fight again. Making fake promises just so you could make a point. While I don’t promise much but I think I know what’s right. Do it for your city. For your loved ones. For the God. Guess who’s getting litter screaming out “The media is a fraud”


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