To many of us, Social Media is a venue where one can share their views, no matter how favorable or abrasive, the only reaction is the disagreement from one’s friends or followers. At this perfect place to express your opinions, most of us ignore the fact that we are being read by the people with different mindset.


Hate speech, disagreements, fights and much more are now the most usual form of cross communication being done online through various platforms, mostly Facebook. Is there really a positive outcome of sharing your point of view that possibly might not be favorable for an individual reading your vision state of mind.

There are already hundreds of Facebook pages made just to express hate speech regarding a particular personality or a group. Not only being created but they are now being a matter of participation and entertainment for certain people who sit back and enjoy on the views being shared by people. Not matter how worse they could get.


We are being VOICELESS stand for what is being wrong and support the right. Freedom of speech is not only to express the most favorable kind of opinion to the public. It is also to defend the fallacious. Going against the faulty might get you in problems. But at the end you did what is right for the society. Social Media itself is a society where people communicate through words. In that case, words need to be healthy for a reader. Words shouldn’t be harmful and even if they are, being Voiceless is now the way out.


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