Be Careful

Freedom of speech is a gift that each and every individual has. It should not be something that is withheld from a person, forbidding to speak. Forbidding to use the attribute that God has blessed upon us, which is using words. It is something that should be fought for when it is being taken away.

It is not news that words that people use for others, matters. What we say to other people or even about them, it has an effect in their lives and our own too. It is an action like any other, and along with that action, one should take responsibility for it. One should take responsibility for the words spoken and what has been said to them. Freedom of speech is for everyone, so if a person uses this right to speak negatively and critically about anything at all, or with anyone, then others will also use this right against you.


Limitations to the Freedom…

Social Media is a platform for freedom of speech. It is where people interact the most now. No matter where someone is in the world, social media is a way that they can keep in touch. But that does not mean that social media should be used for hate. It should be used to raise your voice, but not raise your voice which involves hate, racism, or any other ‘crime of hate’ because then what would you be using freedom of speech for. Using social media to continue spreading hate and violence, is not what it is meant for. Freedom of speech is a gift and exploiting it includes lying, which we all know is something we have been taught our entire lives not to do.


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