Who am I?

When someone asks you to tell them about yourself one can’t really think about much. Come to think of it, you can’t really express yourself through words, but here goes!


Hi everyone, I am Rija Hammad, a 22 year old girl currently doing my bachelors from the Lahore School of Economics and I’ve received my primary and secondary schooling from Lahore Grammar School, 55 Main.


I am the eldest daughter, a Leo, the most stubborn person you’ll ever come across but at the same time I’m the most sweetest person too! I try my best to help people and get along with everyone in the best possible manner. I’m pretty much an introvert thus, only a few people know who i really am, I’m a very shy person until you get to know me personally. For me there’s a specific group of people who matter to me and i will go out of my way to do anything and everything for them. I’m an honest, caring person who loves to be there for others in their difficult times, and that’s what truly makes me happy.

My hobbies include baking, in fact I’ve been baking on a professional scale since i was 18 and hope to open up a cafe in future! I love to travel and explore new places, yet I haven’t got the chance to do much of that.

Many people will be surprised but my all time favourite subject has been maths and I’m a huge foodie, basically my life kind of revolves around food, sad isn’t it? But oh well “food is life”😋

Well that’s pretty much about me. Hope you enjoyed reading, see you until next time!🙂


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