What free speech?

bang_warningFreedom of speech is when we are allowed to say our heart out loud and voice our opinions. Well yes, the world today fights for all sorts of freedom, whether it’s the freedom of rights for women or freedom of rights for transgender or in this case freedom of speech on social media. Everyone today wants their rights and want their feet and voices not to be rooted anymore. People want to be alive and want to be free in all ways. But does this freedom respects the rights of every other individual? Does it allow the other person to speak when one stands for his freedom? Do people realize that their choices and their opinions can harm the other person in some way or another? The answer for each question here is a big NO!

Internet has been a great source of making and destroying our lives. No wonder we are connected to the world but this connection when talks about free speech and rights of  everything, then that is when the war starts! freedom-of-speech-789e0


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