Think before you speak

‘Every action has a reaction’ 

Freedom of speech is a very sensitive issue. People often use their right of freedom of speech in an extremely negative manner. Although this is an issue that should be voiced, the negative consequences of not using it appropriately does lead to dire circumstances.

One should speak less, but when they do, it should be for the better. There have been countless incidents where freedom of speech has led to adverse outcomes. Very recently, a university student in Mardan was brutally beaten up to death by fellow university mates. His alleged crime (still not proven) was that he committed blasphemy. Now this is a topic that is very sensitive among the public and people do not think rationally before taking the law in their own hands. The victim, supposedly said out some things that were blasphemous towards Islam and leaving out specifically what he said, he had his right to speak. He had his right to raise his opinion. No matter what it was, it was his right. Even if it was wrong, it was not the duty of individuals to barbarically kill him. It was the duty of the institutions that have been set up to serve justice and control the law and order.

Nowadays we spend most of our time logged on to social media. Although it is a platform that can be used positively in a number of ways, the trend of shaming others or bullying others and hiding under the umbrella of freedom of speech has gone too far. People do not consider the repercussions of their acts and what they say. What they say can mean a lot and as inconsiderate as it is, people still don’t acknowledge it. We still see a lot of hatred on social media whether it be Facebook or twitter. Presenting your opinion one thing, but the moment that opinions is targeted towards a certain somebody, the right to freedom of speech is misused.


Referring to the above picture, it is extremely important that we think before we speak. Our words can lead to people getting hurt or can have a negative effect. Because of the fact that most often than not we tend to speak carelessly, the right to freedom of speech is misused which only creates disturbances and nothing more. Such cases should be dealt with and punished so that this misuse of freedom of speech can be avoided!


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