The Struggle to get what is not offered…

To represent Pakistan in the E-Sports has been my dream for the last  7 years.THE INTERNATIONAL is the biggest event of Electronic sports and is held every year in different Countries.


Unfortunately there is not much scope for gaming in Pakistan, the only time a team represented Pakistan was back in 2008 , when i had not even started playing.

Some of the numerous Struggles that we gamers face are lack of financial support,specially in terms of sponsors so we could go abroad and compete at the international level. And thanks to the monopoly of the ptcl broadband internet ,we are bound to use the internet which offers extremely high pings  on foreign servers and not only this , we get frequent disconnections that may last for days as you must have also faced.


And most importantly the problem with the minds of the people is that they see GAMING  as a hobby, whereas those who have opted for the profession play for huge prize pools and at the same time they do what they love to do!

For demos and replays go to





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