Pat on the back. 

Let’s start by describing my journey through my passion, football. This world acts as a field to me where I’m still learning. By competing with different teams, the people I come across with at different places, traveling exploring different cultures or most importantly my shift from Multan to Lahore. And every time ending up with a different result. Now this result can be either be a gold, silver, bronze medal or sometimes it’s just a tap on the back.

Now tapping on to myself, I’m person who always seeks to learn which eventually has made me a quick learner. This one thing that I’ve noticed comes as complimentary with quick learning (or I’m just trying to justify my love for it) is the affection with black colour. To me black colour says, ‘I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me.’

But this bothering not at all reflects to not being social, I’ve  a huge friends circle and most of the credit goes to my exposure to different cities so everywhere I go I bring a part of that city to myself.

Lastly, I would just like to quote Thomas Moore “It is through mystery and madness the soul is revealed.”

Revealing then comes up with a cost. A cost of mystery losing its identity and that’s not the beauty of it. So keeping the beauty of it I’d say that’s all folks.


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