Not a freedom fighter!

Mashal Khan found innocent. Who would’ve known setting Che Guevara and Pink Floyd posters in your room could get you killed. Who would’ve known speaking persuasively could be the worst nightmare you could ever imagine of. Who would’ve known you could be put to death and beyond. A very latest MOB oriented incident would serve as a perfect example to not to speak too much(You will disagree) But, here’s the point. If he wouldn’t have expressed philosophical thoughts that encompassed his mind, he could’ve been alive today(Because obviously that’s what people call blasphemy) In recent news, according to several reports, not a single inch of proof could be found around Mashal Khan committing to it, yet he was killed(We need no laws!) Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. It will certainly get you killed. And of course, with no check and balance in the country, comes great vulnerability.  The police fails to comply.


We’re always taught the essence of life goes away if we don’t interact with people. We get to get zero level of exposures, along with long gone depressing vibes. But, should we be fake around people? Should we be real? Should be we both? This is a debate that will never end. One would argue there’s no life without social interaction. But, should we also set standards along those interactions? What is freedom of speech then? Does it stop you from being who you are or does it promote being who you are? And we could go just go on. Here, today, we’re here to explain and support a side of freedom of speech that is not being paid attention to. A side that is dark and hollow from the inside. It’s furious. It could certainly kill you. Freedom of speech is good, but like they say, too much of anything could get you to trouble.

I shouldn’t eat too much. Oh, well, who cares? I am still in shape

Today, as a whole, we are here to save a lot of lives that are just given away in the name of honor, or whatsoever, Be it Qandeel Baloch, Salman Taseer or any other individual, speaking too much could lead to negative consequences. We should say what we can handle and what sets common social norms as thresholds. Yes, freedom of speech does give you certain liberties but we should never be taking those liberties for granted. They probably might stab us in the back. The society is changing. We, as people, are changing and therefore our actions and words must also change. We, as people are responsible for giving our society a shape it is in right now and we must also be cautious about what it takes to be a free man and about what it takes to free a man. Konnikova-Bullying-690



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