Lost in the reveries of life

Life has its ways of surprising you; totally an unpredictable ride! Describing oneself in just a few words is quite vague I believe but oh well.
Hi! I’m Rida Ghaffar. Lahorite as well as a Karachite. Describing myself in the most concise way possible, I’d portray myself as witty, stubborn, helpful, extrovert and an optimistic enthusiast.
I acquired my primary and secondary schooling from DAPS, Karachi. Since then, I’ve been into creative things and was fond of slam books. I have spent fourteen years there, which is why it has a very special place in my heart.
Shifting to Lahore was one of the best things to happen to me even though I wasn’t in favour back then.
I studied in LGS 55 Main Gulberg in O levels. Then, in LGS Defence in A levels. I have been the Deputy President of Environmental Society in both the schools and had a great experience. Luckily for me, both the places gave me the best time of my life. Suffice to say, I sure as hell miss school because life back then was way more happening and lively.
Let’s face it, parting with your closest friends in University sucks. Plus, there was way less drama. At University level, genuine friends are pretty hard to find so better give it a thought before giving a bit too much. Be it a girl or a boy; both strike (if you let them, of course).
Coming to my interests. One of the things I seek pleasure in is Poetry. Only a poetry lover would know its extent of relaxing one’s soul. Thanks to Miss Zahra Zameer, I found myself writing pieces I could not even believe I did myself. Just a glimpse of one:
The screams of joy filled the room as the bells rang,
Playing outside was a unique lullaby the rain sang;
Broken smiles and teary eyes rejoiced,
Raindrops splattered while the air filled with moist;
Engulfed in each others’ arms were the lovers of today,
Giggling and caressing as they sway.
Books are also of an equal interest to me. I must say, I love the genre of “Romance” but it should be worth the read. Also, Good music, of any genre that appeals me; Coldplay, Lifehouse, Ed Sheeran, Chainsmokers, NFAK and Farhan Saeed are my most favourite. Moreover, I have immense love for Dramatics, even though I barely did much for it. My first official stage performance  after secondary school was on LSE Dramafest’16 and I was awarded for “Best Actress” Alhamdulillah. Sports is also of my great interests; favourite ones being athletics, throwball, badminton and basketball. IT has always been my passion, since the very beginning; I’m into editing and a keen learner of graphic designing (Wondering why I’m here? Yeah here it is, one of my regrets). Lastly, travelling is one of my heightened passions and I intend on exploring a myriad of places for I am eager to witness various cultures and the historical treasures they hold. One day, I believe.
I’d like to end this note addressing that at this point in life, most of us have encountered our share of the ‘happy’ times and the times of dwelling in misery. One should never lose hope, no matter how much of a cosmic joke it seems like or how ferociously life plays you over. I know, its easier said than done. We all have regrets sometimes (yes, I’m an optimist and this is true) and wishes of turning the tables. You don’t have to go with the ‘forgive and forget’ policy every time yet you can still confine to happiness. Just know where your place is and where is that of others. Then, you’re good to go.
Make the best of time! Laugh all you want and behave how you want, whenever and wherever. Clearly, life is too short to be wasted worrying. As we all know;
Time is a bitch.

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