Live To Be a Better You

Well, the last time I had to write about myself I was in class one. But here goes

Hello everyone! Im Shahzabeen. A 21 year old and currently studying Marketing and Media from LSE. I came here along with different schooling backgrounds. Yes, I have dipped into all the major girl schools in Lahore; Covent of Jesus and Mary, LGS 55- Main and LGS Defence. Ive been blessed with great friends throughout that time however sadly, school seems like a different time altogether. 

My interest include reading, watching movies and tv shows, spending unmountable time on the internet, photography, and finding out ways so I can travel. Since most of my time goes by on the computer my interests have grown towards photo and video editing, illustrations and web designing.

I have been travelling with my family since I was young. Me getting lost near the Trevi Fountain in Italy is one of the embarrassing story my parents love to tell at gatherings. Just Recently, we started travelling inside of Pakistan, and Im amazed to say that we underestimate what Pakistan can really has to offer. With the increasing natural beauty I found in Pakistan, my love for photography expanded.

Kail, Kashmir

In the pursuit of finding beauty in Pakistan, I have roamed the lakes and mountains of Kashmir and road to the iridescent beauty of Lake Saif-ul- Maluk. On these spontaneous journey’s I have eaten with strangers, seen oldies climb hills faster than me, lived in the most uncomfortable hotel and indulged in the simplicity and peacefulness of village life.

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk

I have done some of the most interesting stuff for the sake of university. From editing a documentary on the Lahore Fort, creating a website to writing and publishing a novel of my own, college has helped me conquer some of the most challenging aspect of my bucket list.


Lastly, to end my monologue, I believe that to achieve happiness, a person should alway work to become better versions of themselves. “Live to be a better you.”


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