Liberation ?

In this era everyone craves freedom, space and some achievement of intellectual marvels, for which social media is the most accessible platform. However, even though it enables us to feel free and express our thoughts independently, social media can generate many causes of negativity in members’ lives. Firstly, Freedom of speech on social media can generate hatred for which the member might not have any cover to hide beneath. You’re identity, contact information and personal details are most accessible which can be misused or used/ copied/ shared without your consent. Furthermore, it is important to notice that it is the world’s largest, most open forum. Hence, if you make any mistakes, or disagree with a popular agenda, you may be subjected to cyber bullying, hatred and made to feel depressed while sitting in the comfort of your own home, having met no one new. It’s just as damaging (if not balanced) as it is liberating.

Moreover, if there is freedom of speech, there is also freedom of sharing and viewing. This kind of freedom today, has no security measures to filter appropriate information of certain age groups. This is one of the major reasons why discrimination takes its route from the very beginning of a person’s life today. Apart from that, many social demons such as terrorism, bullying, depression and viewing of obscene content is on the rise and taking attention off the valuable virtues of life. Thus, we see it is very important that while we encourage the positive aspects of social media freedom, we also maintain viewer’s discretion with certain rules and regulation to secure the audience of the harmful effects social media might have.


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