It can make or break a person. 

What is freedom of speech?  I think the Universal Understanding of these words are “freedom of opinion and expression”. You are free to think what you like and express your thoughts. What we don’t understand is that this freedom of expression can have consequences too. Words can do what physical pain can’t. It can shatter a person from inside.

Which ever post you open on Facebook or Instagram or twitter you’ll find people abusing, humiliating, and bullying people without thinking for a second what it might do to the other person. This disgusting reality of freedom of speech is what this blog is trying to show.
I think that the freedom of expression on social media is used as an excuse by many individuals in society in order to communicate their opinion on a matter that might be perceived as violating, offensive or discriminating to another human being. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but with limitations. Respect amongst individuals in society is a must

Social media is a gift. It can be used to make or break a business. It can also make or break a person.


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