Who Am I ?

IMG_3434 - Copy.JPGHello reader , This is Umer Akhlaq A 22 year old Male currently living in Lahore.i am an undergraduate student at the Lahore school of economics with Majors in marketing and minors in media studies.i belong to Faisalabad the textile hub for Pakistan yes i am pretty much interested in this sector as well after i get hold of my degree and want to work hard to achieve something i day dream about. I have done my O – A level from LGS with subjects related to Business studies.

what else ? I am passionate about sports and travelling across the country to see whats not seen before and meet new people explore new place do fun in every way possibble. i am an optimistic and extrovert kind of a person.other than that i am a sports bike lover. I may not be the best in getting a good GPA but Guess what i have alot of plans for my Practical life and my future.I am on my journey to be a successful entrepreneur.Since childhood i have been doing sports such as swimming i have won many gold medals in different competitions.apart from these i spend my free time listening differt types of music or watching movies and TV seasons .

LSE University.


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