Social Media: A Distraction From Real Change

It’s crazy to think about the time we spend on social media. While social media has given power to the common man to express opinions and thought, does you’re freedom of speech really influence the real world. Freedom of speech gives an individual the power to express anything, concern, judgement, opinion and idea and with the popularity of smart phones and easy access to the internet, they express their thoughts anywhere and anytime. However, is freedom of speech on social media a benefit  or a distraction from the real problems of the world.

The case of Mashal Khan is an example of how freedom of speech on social media never reflects the real outcomes of life. We have been talking about blasphemy for a long time, no matter how equal hearted humans we are on social media, reality will always seem to give us new issues to talk or rant about. And we will keep talking about expressing our opinion because it is our right. But, on the contrary, you’re freedom of speech is powerless.

Every line we write, share, tweet, reblog, how much do you think it affects reality. Have we forgotten about the virtual space of the Internet and the boundaries of reality. We have. Social media, no matter how expressive we are about writing a status or commenting , debating about what sides to take, we feel that we are involved in the righteous deed of helping the ones in troubles. The most it does is makes us feel involved. Gives us is the benefit of feeling like we have done something right for once. But doesn’t “action speak louder than word” apply here. What if you had to donate a dollar for every like, would you “like” as freely at you do now?


We are constantly witnessing the war in Syria, scrolling through viral images of children washed up ashore, or covered in blood or laying death induced on the bombed ground. Through this 8 year ongoing war we have sat and typed our concern. Around every post about the war has gotten more than a million likes, share, retweet but has that stopped the war. The mighty power of social media that it gave us seems powerless in the most crucial times.


Its fair to say that we will always see video of harsh realities and cruelty, topics of rape, underage marriage, bullying, racism etc because we never rose to take action in the first place. We never took the action needed to be taken. Discussions on Facebook or tweets isn’t enough to change the world for the good. And we will discuss the same issues time and again, typing away on phones. All those things you’ve written about supporting a cause has it really effected someone in real life fir the better?

In truth, you’re virtual existence is not for real. The sooner we learn this, the better we can make this place better for ourselves.


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