Freedom of HATE Speech?

“Everything…affects everything”
Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why

Now a days people often misuse freedom of speech. We shouldn’t forget that every action has a consequence. Be it you sleeping in those extra five minutes, and then missing the class, or you calling someone fat and them going home feeling hurt. Hate Speech has many consequences, and understanding these effects leads to understanding why our “Soch k bol”  Movement is such an important movement.


One of the biggest results of Hate Speech is the impact that it can have on a persons mental well-being. Large portions of the individuals who are victim of Hate Speech may self damage, or end up noticeably self-destructive,their confidence and self esteem may be affected, as well as numerous more consequences. What to one individual is a simple word, to another is much more terrible. While many individuals believe that how somebody deciphers their words is not their issue, this is not true. It is your duty to guarantee that your words aren’t hateful.

The power of hate speech which can merge with the instigation to violence can be horrific.An example of this is the horrific incident that took place in Mardan university where a student was killed by a mob of fellow angry students. Mashal khan was the student was Abdul Wali Khan University. According to the report he was killed because someone accused him of blasphemy and others without waiting to make sure whether this is true or not attacked him. He died due to the accusations made against him which can be clearly seen as to settle personal enmity.This is why our campaign is very important we want people to think before they say or post any thing on social media because your words can have such a horrific effect on someones else life.


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