Free speech isn’t FREE

Freedom of speech is a very important ingredient in forming a tolerant society but over use of this freedom have very dangerous effect on our community. Many people believe that freedom of speech does not harm but it does in the long run. This article will focus on few major negative impact of freedom speech in a society.

False statement is the most common im×512.jpgpact that the world is tolerating due to this freedom. Many individuals use false statement to either get famous or get into a lime light. This affects the reliability of the platform and also results in people wasting their precious time over some lie.

Freedom of Speech acts lead to physical acts. Thus pornography, hate speech and political polemic are causally linked to rape, hate crimes, and insurrection. This not only increases the cyber crime but also increase the crime rate of the society. These all physical acts are so serious that they can directly impact on the culture and development of one community.

Religion is most affected by the hate speech used under the umbrella of freedom. Some intellectual views are antithetical to beliefs held by major religions. The people using this freedom should consider that religion is all about belief and is very special to them. A little disrespect can fire outrage in the society.

Protection of minor is very important under the label of freedom. As these groups are already outnumbered they can feel alienated in the society and can hold grudges and hatred for the society, which may increase crime rate and can start a revolution in a society.

It is very important to feel the responsibility of this freedom or otherwise this can lead to perilous issues.


Mashal Khan case

religion vs free speech



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