Free speech doesn’t mean careless talk!

Our society is negatively affected by freedom of expression on social media. I think that the freedom of expression is used as an excuse by many individuals in society in order to communicate their opinion on a matter that might be perceived as violating, offensive or discriminating to another human being – and so justify it. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but with limitations. Respect amongst individuals in society is a must.

It destroys the center of human life itself.

Some agree with a more lenient approach when observing and justifying what’s becoming acceptable media. Many celebrities and “rolemodels” have adopted this pattern of thinking. Miley Cyrus justifies what many people see as ridiculous behavior when she argues, “People that judge me or say that I’m crazy, they don’t know half the stuff that their kids are doing.” Then, a little while later in her career, she states, “You’re always going to make people talk. You might as well make them talk for like, two weeks, rather than two seconds…just go for what you want to do,” and, “At the end of the day the person who has to be happy is me.” Freedom of expression is great…But obviously, to an EXTENT. There comes a point where it turns into pride and greed and an overwhelming selfish desire to “express yourself” at the expense of everyone else being subjected to that, in a sense, pollution.

On a personal aspect, social media can be used for internet bullying and victimising. It gives people the opportunity to upset and gossip 24/7. Online bullying is a serious problem and should not be over looked or dismissed. The victims of bullying at school for example, like to go home and escape, not sign into their computer to be faced with more endless hurtful words.


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