Finding light at the end of tunnel…

Well, beginning  up with me as eldest child of the family who has always been messed up with himself. Till date, since twenty two years not able to explore myself to literal sense. Struggling to find solutions to the concerns.

I am the one who is known in the close social circle as the person ;

who can never live up his life peacefully, 

who can never live up without taking stress, 

who can never live up by giving up even if there’s no chance, 
I am probably the most boring person one could find in the group who has the interests which are considered out of fashion. Geek who loves to spend life among the world of infrastructural development, information technology, automobiles, corporate world, matter of concerns for the masses etc 

Love to give suggestions to the people for the things they are unaware and would be dying to spend hours to help them with. 

I am in deep Love with my life which has yet to come and maybe messing up the present. 

In Love with all those activities which can help me out later in some stage of life, inclined  more towards professional life. Missed out to tell there’s so much in life to achieve in the list.

Loves to explore the world so that could be thankful to nature for its blessings


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