Coming back!

Riyadh…was not that friendly as I expected. The day we landed there I always wanted to go back to Paksitan. Everyday and every minute at the school I prayed for going back. There never came a day that made me feel happy there in Riyadh. I badly used to miss my school, friends in Pakistan.

Finally came the day after 5 years. My parents decided to move back. I started my A levels in LGS defence and then came to LSE for bachelors.

LSE changed me, there were positive changes as well negatives, but positive outstand the most. Here I made best friends and some people tried their level best to show their inner beats. However what I believe is that where ever you go learn and try to spend your time in the best way possible. Laug, live your blissful moments, make memories, cherish the best moments that you have spent and never ever try to change yourself according to others.

IMG_3181So do what you love and love what you do!


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