Aspire to speak and not offend.



The Freedom of Speech phenomenon has drived half the people to lose their minds. As much as words can be all soothing and sweet, they can turn out to be as equally chiseling to the core of one’s heart. It has become so easy for people to pass outrageous comments through the use of Social Media towards others, wrongfully using the license of freedom of speech. Unaware of the damage or not, these people cause adverse effects for others to encounter overtime.

Everyone has the right for their opinion to be respected instead of being mocked and insulted to the core just for the sake of acquiring the ‘moral high ground’. Cyber bullying has been playing its cards way too well since a very long time and leading people to jump onto the high lines of drastic measures such as even that of a suicide. Even a TV show has recently been released highlighting this theme; “13 reasons why.”

A myriad of people become a victim of inferiority complex or become adhered to certain disorders due to increased exposure of this violation of freedom of speech. Some individuals are made fun of just by randomly capturing their videos and pictures (without consent obviously) for the sake of entertainment or simply gossip, this is widely evident by the use of applications such as Snapchat. It makes the people get insecure and uncomfortable, lowering their levels of self-esteem.

It is about time that we raise our voices against the wrong use of freedom of speech in social media and how vital of a role it plays in affecting the lives of people. Instead of making people feel miserable just for the sake of someones’ self satisfaction (usually irrespective of any reason), peace and unity need to be promoted in order to shun this once and for all and, achieve success and matters beyond.


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