An ‘Immature’ Blogger

Writing has always haunted me and I find it difficult to construct a piece of work. Recently I faced a transitional phase in my life, which changed the way on how I used to interact with the world. I had a very extrovert personality. I would share most of the things in my life with nearly everyone I 17965188_120332000200378776_778229309_nknew. This changed when the person who I trusted most in my life changed their ways completely with me. I don’t know what happened but my trust over the world completely shattered, so I believe that this blog is a perfect platform for me to share and speak up. Uhhh!! SORRY for this dark start. BTW this is first ever blog I am writing and my task is to describe myself, which is the most challenging thing in the world for me right now.

My name is Hamza Tayyab, age 21 and currently single. I study in LSE, “LAHORE” School of Economics ( not London)  which I never wanted to but now I can’t do anything about it anymore as I’ll be graduating next year in 2018.  I am the kind of a person who loves to talk about Current affairs, cars and business ideas while having a cup of coffee, precisely white mocha latte, in the basement of Gloria jean’s.


“Good Food = Good mood” is a belief that I follow in my life; I am a pure foodie who craves for having innovative tasty food. I have a bunch of amazing people in my life who make my life worth living and my biggest motivation system is my family, especially my mother. I have an obstinate personality which keeps me going as I believe in whatever I say.

Lastly I’d like to say this one quote “A successful man is one who lay the foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him” 

The person described in this quote is who I want to BE.



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