Words can hurt one like a sword so we should be mindful of what to say and what not to say.Before you say something to anyone, just think how would you feel if someone said it to you.Being empathetic means being more humane.How freedom of speech has caused women to take medications so that they fit in the society?They are in denial and they like to be “size zero” which has caused them to not accept them as they are so they fit in their social circle.It seems like a competition where people are trying to satisfy others and not accepting their individuality.There are many cases where teens are mentally, physically and emotionally challenged.These cases led many women to commit suicide and the season “Thirteen reasons why” suggests that why they act like this.Day by day, the world is becoming a cruel place to live in.

Nowadays, students deal with a lot of difficult situations and parents have no idea of how rough their lives are these days.With more free speech and social media awareness, people easily comment and criticize others causing them to feel inferior and loosing trust in their capabilities.Many students experience different psychological problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, stress and PTSD.People impact one’s lives in one way or other, they can directly or indirectly influence our lives. It’s a responsibility of every individual to use words that are of no harm to others but very few do this.Our surroundings impact us in ways that we cannot imagine of, everything around us influences us even if we try not to get influenced by them but slight changes can be seen leading to commit suicide or kill them from inside leaving them void. They try to please others or act in a way which ruins their own originality.Many of us are torn in reality due to how others talk to us or treat us so people should learn to treat others in the same they want to be treated.So theres a fine line between free speech and hate speech and how it affects people negatively.



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