Taming the tongue

Tongue has the power of life and death. Choose wisely.

What is it that humans have but animals don’t? Power to express, power to speak. And with power comes great responsibility. Our words, though might seem harmless to us. But words have the power to inspire. And words have the power to destroy.

This digital age that we breathe in. Everything seems transparent. World, it’s a global village. The physical boundaries are no longer there. Thanks to social media and internet, the walls have come down, thus allowing us to communicate even in the remote places.


And so, if we say speech is what differentiates us from other species. Then what is it actually? Freedom of speech is the power of putting your opinions across, without censorship. But the consequences of this right, the marketplace it becomes filled with ideas and opinions-remain upon us.

And when all people express their belief and opinions, you will read and hear what you don’t agree with, turning the social media into an online battle ground with hundreds and millions of soldiers defending their stance. You might even read something offensive and hurtful to what you believe in. But this is simply the cost of freedom of speech. If you are a strong believer in freedom of speech, than tolerance and patience is crucial. Yes, you will be offended, you will be insulted and mocked, even abused. But accepting the right fully, you have to accept the consequences.

But is it necessary for us to be hateful when making or defending a point? Is it necessary to exploit our right? Take for example the Charlie Hebdo’s case. While freedom of speech allows us to express without censorship. He has a legal right to express his disagreement with any faith, but does it call for you to use distasteful means?Charlie Hebdo


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” But can’t they? In the past decade there have been numerous cases globally as results of online bullying and cyber crime forcing individuals into suicide, self harm and depression. So does this turn Free Speech into Hate Speech?

Yes freedom of speech is indeed a birth given right, not a privilege for a few to enjoy, but is it necessary for this right to become a weapon against any individual?


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