Insult is NOT Freedom


The Expression ” Freedom  of Speech”  is perceived entirely different in different areas. This is one of the principal reasons behind atrocities that follow this notion.  So lets begin we the general idea ” What is freedom  of speech?” . To begin with it is the freedom to speak your mind and get to say whatever or however we  like. Our freedom ends where the other’s starts, one must be free to give its opinions, with coherence and respect, but must be consequent with the sensitivity of people. However the major problem is that the limitations of this “slogan” are not rightly followed and results in consequences that cannot be salvaged. I for one am against freedom of speech and shall urge others the same.

Though “freedom of speech”has a positive ring to it but misuse of it promotes hate speech. Imagine the world where mean people speaking mean things to other mean people who say mean things to other mean people. This happens because people wont be punished for these hateful comments.

To allow everyone freedom of speech would mean we would have to allow extremist groups such as ISIS and TALIBANS to post on our Facebook, twitters and so on. It Leads to a lot more problems that it does provide good. Yes we all like to be able to say what we want, and there shouldn’t be to many restrictions, but as soon as you start discriminating people in a violent fashion then it becomes a problem. It can help to promote discrimination and for young people on the internet for example will take these points people are saying seriously which could lead to more unneeded problems.

Today’s youth is “Technology oriented”  their beliefs and thought school is influenced by materials they are exposed to and it is then reflected in their behavior. The hatred that begins at an early age goes long way and becomes a disease which is later not curable. youth is our coming future and it is our duty to inform and educate them about the implications of “freedom of speech”.

Respecting others religion and race is essential and hate speech disrespects their beliefs and divides the community into “us” “them” which shatters the very concept of diverse people coming to altogether as one nation.

so lets promote love and peace because there is no other better option.



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