Importance of Evolution: we’re no better than apes.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that life without social media and the internet is a life hard to live.

This isn’t a phrase that our parents, or our parents parents or their parents (and on) would have ever uttered. That’s because life has evolved…for better or worse, is a debate that will be eternal, I feel. I don’t want to (or mean to) go all Charles Darwin (If you want to see the theory click here ) on you, but the truth of the matter is, if you’re not strong enough to change with the times, you will be left behind. Survival of the fittest and blah blah.

Just yesterday, my mother (a 55 year old Environmentalist) had her friends over for a dinner. Now, these are ladies who I’ve looked up to and known my whole life: not only because they’re awesome and I pray that I age that well, but also because they showed me that sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and do what you have to. They spoke of topics ranging from the new lawn collection (duh) to things that are hard to swallow. Last night that was the case of Mashal Khan, a student recently killed by an angry mob over allegations of blasphemy.

Last month, they spoke of Syria.
Last year of Qandeel Baloch.

Im not one who will ever believe that social media and speaking your mind, is bad. I am someone, however, who believes that a human being can make even a Utopia seem like hell. Humans are selfish. It’s a proven fact. People believe and are now educated enough to know their rights. But in that process of exerting their rights, they often infringe and step on others.

Cyber bullying, online sexual harassment, mean and unnecessary comments are things that if not all, most of us have faced. And with the passage of time and the integration of social media into our lives, it’s something we take as a given. Has to happen, deal with it.
But that’s the thing.
The internet, and the facets that now form social media, were created as a way for everyone to express themselves. They weren’t created so that the bullying, which previously existed only during school hours, would continue when one made it to the safety of their homes. I know a lot of will think I’m being very optimistic and naïve by that previous sentence, but believe it or not, statistically, I am right.

Today, people have taken what they judge as their “right” to express, to a whole new level, not caring who they hurt in that process of speaking their minds and showing their verbal superiority.

And that’s exactly what it is, the repercussions of social media. The distribution of an unequal power dynamic- the strong attacking the weak.  Just so that they can show, online and on a platform they think will matter because it’s the latest “in” thing, that they are the ones who are superior. Not realising that in the battle of showing their superiority, they are just isolating themsleves from everyone. Konnikova-Bullying-690



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