I say, you say

Social Media seems like a gift from the Gods where people can fully express themselves, talk about their interests and showcase to the people who they are as a human being. Social media gives the people the power and platform to do all that with an audience readily at their disposal.

People are always advocating for Freedom of Speech for people and how everyone has a voice and they must talk about what matters but what happens when they cross a line? When their direct behavior causes discomfort to someones life? What if in advocating peoples rights to free speech the people manipulated the situation in such a way that now they abuse this power and the sad thing is that their are no regulatory bodies  to protect the victims who have to face such abuse.

Let’s look at one extreme – People with extremist views use this platform freely and then carry out heinous crimes that shouldn’t have happened in the first place if somebody had been paying attention. An example of this is quoted by The Guardian  where the man behind the Norway bombing and youth camp massacre that killed at least 92 people used Twitter to send out his views on the World before he carried out the attacks proving that stricter regulations and checks need to be carried out on social media.

On a personal aspect, social media can be used for internet bullying and victimizing. It gives people the opportunity to upset others with their views and gossip 24/7. Cyber bullying is a serious problem and should not be over looked or dismissed as over 43% of  students report experiencing cyber bullying during their lifetime according to the Megan Meier Foundation  and the research they carried out on this in 2015.

Our voice matters. We need to speak up when the situation demands it, but to abuse that voice to hurt, threaten or scare other people and damage them beyond repair is inconceivable and so a balance needs to be created that will protect the people and their liberties.


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