Hi everyone!

21 years of age, being a confident Arian and the head strong eldest sibling of the worlds most annoying yet the most caring sisters, I have discovered alot about the world but nothing much about myself!
In my life, maths is a mystery and economics is (thankfully) history. I possess of the worlds most artsy handwriting, which is as difficult to understand as abstract art but still will score highest marks in theoretical essays.

Image result for bad hand writing
I can eat whatever you give me but will never share my biryani with you. I can be the best photographer of the world but everyone fails to capture my ‘lawn ad’ poses aptly.
I can be the best listener and be a friend of a life time but if you mess with me, I’ll make you repent over your existence!

Image result for fooodie
I want to travel around the world but also want to stick to my roots. I want to live my life but hate everyone when the world judges.

I want my friends to live a hundred years but will brutally murder them with killing stares hundred times in a day.
I am simple, I am honest, I am a common girl but I have dreams which are huge. I dont want to change the world but want to change myself and my actions. I am an ordinary girl but I have an aim which will ameliorate me because only then will I able to change others. Thus to change, I will change myself! Thats why I am still unaware of myself.
Maybe, I am difficult to understand but then again I am simple and I am honestly a common girl.


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