Freedom of Speech on Social Media: Yayy or Nayy?

Freedom of speech is one phenomenon that has the unfathomable power of making or breaking a person. While it can make celebrities out of ordinary people, it can also turn ordinary people into violent sociopaths.


While using facebook or whatsapp, have you ever stopped and thought to yourself “Am I about to impact anyone for the better or affect anyone for the worst?” Dared to question your actions? I doubt it, I never did, I don’t think anyone of us really do that. But given that social media is playing a huge role in our lives today, its of utmost importance that we immediately start filtering our thoughts and ideas keeping in view how many people follow us and how quickly the word of mouth spreads on social media.

download (1).jpg

Now when I say we need to start filtering our thoughts, I must clarify myself before fingers start pointing at me. I DO NOT say that because you are on social media, you go with the masses and forget what’s right and wrong.

images (1)

Say what you think is right, but back it up! With common sense, with facts, with authentic proofs! Watch your tone, just because you can speak does not mean you have the right to hurt those who think differently. Use social media to make a difference, because YOU CAN!


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