Freedom of speech on social media … just an opinion and not a fact !

Nowadays people can comment on any issue freely and the Internet is regarded as the most important thing in their daily life because they can post any words they want to say on the Internet conveniently and even insult others by typing offensive words. Although most people in modern society emphasize freedom of speech there are still a lot of serious problems caused by it including harmful speech, irreparable events, misuse of this freedom.

Firstly freedom of speech can harm people. Because of the convenience of the Internet even a word can greatly inflict many people.People leave various kinds of negative messages on the Internet.They don’t consider these insulting words immoral. Sometimes these comments aim at a person, and it may be for no reason. The phenomenon is called cyberbully. However people have no idea that they should be responsible for the consequences but their comments may lead to the victims permanent psychological harm.



 Secondly humiliating comments can result in a suicide. When more and more people attack a person with negative words, he or she will be very upset, and when the person is not able to cope with the situation he or she may hopelessly resort to committing suicide. By the time, the consequence is irrevocable and it’s too late to regret.



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