Fake News is NOT Freedom of Speech

There is one obvious negative effect of freedom of speech on social media and that is offending people and thrashing their values or beliefs to such an extent that they may end up taking their own lives or forever live in fear.

Another negative effect that has recently come up is of fake news being posted on Facebook and various other social media platforms (which Facebook is taking action against).



Now just because this is the 21st century doesn’t mean that the phrase “freedom of speech” means that we can literally say or write anything that comes to our mind. Sure, you can think it in your head but you need a filtering process if you’re planning to say it out loud. That filtering process here could be termed as logic.

People think it’s fine to share prejudiced and discriminatory articles just to promote an agenda not realising their contributions towards the spread of hate and the actions these beliefs incite. Of course they know how people would react to such news it’s just that they don’t care or that they “were just having some fun” with gaining a couple of hundreds or thousands of views on their fake news pages.

Just because we have a right to freedom of speech does not mean that we stop thinking logically. We need logic and we need empathy. Stop spreading fake news for the sake of it before you get held up in a real one.



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