Little did you know

“Tell me about yourself” sounds like a book length essay question but people expect a response thats short and precise so i’ll try and stick to it. 

The way we spend our days reflects the way we are spending our lives. I believe that its best to make the most of each day. I am a person who is positive about life and Thankful to God for such a blessed life

Hi there reader, My name is Ghulam Mujtaba “Middle child” of the family. I have spend my childhood in Multan, The city of saints and shrines. Its a beautiful city which is rich im cultural,heritage and architectural beauties are still present and maintaimed for people visit and be amazed. 

My primary Schooling was from Bloomfield Hall S.R.A branch. Then for secondary schooling i had moved to Bloomfield Hall Upper Branch. 

Currently i am enrolled in Majors Marketing and Media BBA 3rd year from Lahore School of Economics. 

I am sportsperson and am crazy about Cricket,football and basketball. These are the games i have always been good at and the “adrenaline rush” that you get from watching these games and tournaments such as world cups its just non descriptive. 

Good music has always fascinated me and often helps me cool my nerves and distract myself from the world. Music helps me think and betters my mood.

I love traveling especially with my friends. I believe there is nothing more refreshing than trips and hanging out with your friends 

I have have changed much over time yet i belive more work is to be done to better myself than what i am at this existing moment. 

In my opinion life is too short to be mad all the time. Forgive and forget, Make memories, laugh, Enjoy and hold no grudges ” Live life to its fullest.

See you again soon 🙂


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