You lose only when you give up!

The name’s Ghous Ali. I’m 22 years old, currently doing my graduation from Lahore School of Economics. I was born and brought in Sialkot. I have always been a dreamer since forever. Been motivated by my family a lot, I’ve always believed that what one can imagine about his/herself it can be achieved. But then, life at times gives you reality checks and there comes a fall to every rise.

But on the brighter side of life, there is always a new dawn to every dark and you only lose when you give up!

In near future I want to expand my family business, continuing the legacy of my father as soon as I get done with my masters. Moreover, I’m a die hard fan  of Pakistan Cricket team. I’ve interest in football and cricket both physically and visually. I’ve adopted some Persian cats and a Labrador.

Being patriotic, I want to see my country rise in glory and give more reasons to myself that why should I be a proud Pakistani. I believe in equality in religion, race and economic status of everyone in a society. Since the world is full of hatred already, I want us to spread and strengthen the bonds of love and friendship.

Things I often want to change about myself is being short tempered, going for shortcuts over the hard work. Lastly, to party less. Though I love my friends but all day social hangouts cut the time I could spare for my family.

I might not always be a good leader but I do follow good examples and role models. In the later days of my life all I want is the inner satisfaction. That when I’ll recap my life I want to make sure I won’t have any regrets. Thus, I’ve always lived at my own will.


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