Time – a measurement of memories

The Kite Beach, Dubai 

Why is time like that? Why does it slow down in the places you don’t want it to, but it speeds when you’re happy?

Born on 21st May 1995 and ever since then I have been waiting for my sun to rise. I have fought the battle not everyone has, I have left the fight untrusting and never seeking out a mortal soul. I may be alive, but I am barely breathing. Our destination is often unknown, sometimes beautiful but for all I know is, I can’t stuck my entire life with roots stuck to my feet. From this world, to arguments and judgments, I want to live and let myself breathe. I want to go in the direction of the wind that blows.

Life has never been so easy, it is a place where sun rises every morning, makes my skin hydrated and I am able to function after the sleepless night, because I am made out of day to sink back in the darkness. I have a passion for mother land, tall tress, the wistful wind and the giggly clouds make up my entire world. I wish the world that we all live in today was never created and then we all tasted pure raindrops, and the fresh bark, and in short the better nature.

After surviving through darkness, I knew I found my redemption, my heart and soul again the moment I bent down and put my head down on the ground. My heart poured out and my soul healed. For I know the Almighty will never stop bestowing me. To surrender myself in submission to Him, and its just me and myself together forever. Happiness and time was what I required, to bring myself back,to my body.


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