Striving to be a Paramount

“Beta Fsc kar lo, uskay bad zindagi asan hai” said a father to his Son haha!! Life was fantasy at that time, Hi, I am Faizan Mehdi, Hope you know me, if not then I don’t mind. Because life has played so many tricks with me.

Let me tell you a story, there was a boy from a small city “JHANG”, with big dreams and ambitious, who was pampered child of his parents, who was very shy and not much confident. One fine morning he got a letter that, you have been selected in a University in a big Metropolitan city, he was happy yet scared. His parents dropped him at a bus station alone, and left him in a crowded area with alot of prayers. He took a bus and came to that big city. A different city with no known person around, that boy took a little courage stopped a Rikshaw and tell him to drop him to his desire location with alot of luggage.

The first day at University, the “Happy Day” with the thought of getting on the top of everything, well the day started with choosing the wrong bus but he somehow manages to get through this problem and reached at the university, looking at the new place, new people, their laugh and with the fear that people will make fun of him he remains sitting on the bench fearfully waiting for his class to began, everything was going well and his phone battery died, and the darkness has taken over the light, he has no one to contact and no one was able to contact him, his parents got much worried about him by somehow he contacted his parents by reaching his room in a very unfriendly environment by alot of hustle.

That night he thought to quit all and kill his dreams and planning to go back to his city, but his aims were bigger than his fear and he decided to stay. The next morning same fear but a known environment, started to make new friend, started new conversation with different people exposed him to great confidence, that was a first step of fulfilling his dreams, with every day passing his confidence and exposure enhances, the mind started thinking multidimensional, the area to his dreams increased, the opportunity to full his dreams was accessible, the exposure he got by meeting people from different city, exposing himself in the busy life of such a big city enhances his exposure to adopt things.

Now, I guess everybody knows who this guy is, well this is me, Faizan Mehdi, 22, currently Studying in Lahore School of Economics, Struggling to be on the Peak, Striving to be a Paramount.


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