‘Two decades in the life of Aalia Maqsood: a summary’

Let me start off by what you see when you see me – I’m the daughter to two of the coolest parents, a sister to three adorably annoying individuals, and a friend to a great bunch of non judgmental, supportive as hell, psychos in their own right, but the closer you look, the less you see!

An adventurer, a food enthusiast, a dreamer, meme Queen, sinfully in love with Hotspots’ Super Sonic Super Fudge Sundae and anxiously awaiting the time when life will seem more like a Jane Austen novel, than like Gordon Ramsey criticizing your raw food on national television for the entire World to see.

I’m someone who would drive an automatic car with both feet and drive you insane with her wit and sarcastic remarks. Throw eggs at her friends ex’s house, fall flat on her face while walking on a flat surface and laugh at horribly serious inappropriate moments.


I’m the kind of friend who will watch Yash Chopra movies on repeat and say the dialogues before the actor has a chance to, steal food from Jalal Sons on a dare, pretend to be the Faislabadi wife of a rich industrialist just to see a house I liked on Facebook, beg McDonalds servers to give me and my friends free food because I ran away from home to marry the boy they disapprove off in wedding attire giving the poor observers and servers jitters as to whether they should call the police or not and spend all my Fridays roaming around Lahore in search of wonder and joy.


You’ll consider yourself very lucky and privileged to have me in your life

XOXO, Aalia.


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