This is who I am

Hello to all those reading my first ever blog. Some of you know me, some of you don’t, for all those who don’t know me and those who would want to know me better, here’s something about me, who I am and this might change your perspective about me. My name’s Isa Qamar Sheikh, I’m 21 years old. Currently studying in LSE to make up an identity for myself later. I’m a 3rd year marketing student and I’ve done my schooling from Aitchison College.
For me, coming into LSE was an eye opener and all those years in which I was brought up before university were the making up of my morals, norms and identity where as after entering in to the university life the real test of those morals and norms began. Since I’ve been brought up in an all boys school, which is half of my life being spent there. I was never faced by any emotional or mental challenges. Yes the exams and sports tensions were there but those are faced by every student while growing up. But there’s more to life rather than just that. I feel that I was a lot tender before LSE but now, I’ve become a lot resilient. I’ve known now, when to value and let go of people.

I’m someone who’s really protective of his friends and family. I like seeing people happy and staying happy with them in their happiness. I’m a fun person, people say I have a good sense of humour to which I agree. I try keeping people around me happy but I also get stubborn at times. I value rules and regulations where it matters the most. Love staying around people with positive energies and good vibes and I try keeping everyone together.

Talking about my likes and dislikes. I’m a huge cricket fan and a crazy Pakistan supporter. I can swim, real good. I have a ps4 to waste my time and I’m not that of a book worm but I like writing. Writing, which is meaningful.

Lastly, I’m a live in the moment type of person with a slight fear of the future. Hope you liked reading about me. Have a great day!


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