Hello, world.

“The universe is curled up inside us all, it is up to us to find the stars”- Christopher Poindexter.

For some it’s very easy to describe themselves, for others, well they might even take years to know themselves.

And so, if someone asks to describe myself in one world, I tell them that’s ridiculous. Life isn’t so black and white. I like to be a mixture of stuff, sort of like a cocktail. A cool, refreshing one at the beach with a hint of tangy-ness.


I belong from an era where being glued to the television, watching cartoon network was the ‘thing’. Power puff girls, Sumurai Jack, Courage and Dexter were the heroes. And Bey Blades were the coolest toys one could have. Riding bicycles, playing in the mud and running away after ringing random peoples’ house bells. A time where we had the ugliest pictures of ourselves, and having funky stationery was cool. Where we giggled and passed notes to each other and talked over the Ptcl for hours. I am a proud, nostalgic kid of the 90’s. Sadly, those times have gone and as much as you like you can never turn back time. But the fact that I got to live it that glorious era, is amazing in itself. Cartoon Network nostalgia

And whenever I do feel nostalgic, I love indulging into my favorite snack- ‘Mac n’Cheese’. The love for it is endless. The bond we share is selfless and also delicious. Nothing can go wrong with this heavenly food and those of you who are mac n’ cheese lovers will surely understand my love. ❤ Bistro-Mac---Cheese_exps47665_SD143203C10_24_5bC_RMSComfort Food-Mac n’ Cheese

Currently I am just another student at Lahore School, studying Marketing and Media. Occasionally day dreaming in class and regularly doodling on my note book, having no clue about the future. In this roller coaster of a life, I am living every moment one step at a time. I am not much of a writer, neither am I a deep philosophical person. Heck, I can’t even rhyme. But one ability that I do have is to make people laugh. Or at least making myself laugh. IMG_20160915_144135

You may have heard we get this life only once and so we may cherish it for as long as we have it. So whatever direction I may head in the future, I wish for myself to become a better version of myself. A self that is responsible yet a carefree soul. Who lives for herself while also contributing to the society. Because remember kids, it’s your life and you get to decide what you do with it.


In the end I’d like to thank you for bearing with me. Adding to that I’d like to say everyday is a second chance. And it’s never to late to start over. So believe in yourself and because if you don’t, no one ever will. (No, that’s not from a movie. Or maybe it is.)

Ciao. Valar Morghulis. (G.O.T reference here) 😀



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