THIS IS ME! Myself Post

Hello reader! My name is Umar Khan and i’m a student of Lahore School of Economics. I was born in Lahore and have been living here since then. Despite of the culture and norms I’m surrounded by, i choose to carryout things that i love to do. I love everything related to Photography and Videography. I’m into creativity and have always thought of producing something new and creative.


I have some interest in watching football. I watch Spanish and English league football. I support FC Barcelona because of their game style. Inspired by them, I play FIFA game on my Xbox with my friends and sometimes online.

Bpd20buCMAAPXJL.jpg large

I am also into Music. I listen to Pop, EDM and Hip Hop Music. My favorite music artists are The Chainsmokers,  Martin Garrix, Major Lazer, Coldplay, Drake and many more. I’m also into action, thriller and adventurous movies. Movies which are reality based or have a certain message for the society are more of my interest.


I hope you liked reading about me. Cheers!




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